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SCLC 3rd Round Surveillance Testing Post Ned


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Following a CT of Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis, & Brain MRI on October 23rd, a PETCT on Nov 3 due a suspicious New Nodule (1.1 cm x 1.3 cm) and a Bronchoscopy on Nov 10 (due to mild FDG uptake of 3.1 SUV) ,  I am happy to report I remain in NED status, hitting the 9 month mark on my 3rd round of surveillance testing. I will have to wait 4 weeks for return of all cultures taken but I’m happy the tissue samples etc were all negative for cancer. While this is what they expected, out of an abundance of caution, they decided to do the bronchoscopy. I remain a bit concerned that my Chromagranin A levels were somewhat elevated. They tell me this is likely inflammation related if I have or recently had a bacterial lung infection or pneumonitis. So not quite the “nothing to see here” result I would like, but certainly quite positive. Pelvis and abdomen also clear, and brain MRI continuing to improve since PCI in March. A great result and something else to give thanks for. 

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Leo, you are NED!  This is very good news!  I am so.happy for you!  My mother was diagnosed with limited small cell PT1a pN0 M0 after vats surgery to remove the nodule with lobectomy.  She currently is on 2nd infusion out of 4 adjuvant chemo.  Luckily no radiation is needed since it's so early.   I've been doing lots of research on small cell, as you know there is not much research or new therapies regarding small cell, but there is a lot of new things being talked about.  I will be posting new info on this forum for SCLC.  God bless!     Joy

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