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The journey got a bit bumpy...


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I went for my annual eye exam several weeks ago.  The optometrist found hemorrhages in both eyes, "but not where it affects the vision", she added.  She also explained there are many possible causes and asked me to come back in Dec.  Ooook... then when I met with my med once earlier this month, he didn't know what it was, but sent a referral to an ophthalmologist.  So I have an appointment next Wed for that.  

Then I went for a mammo on Monday, didn't think too much about it.  Then Tue, a nurse called to say they saw "micro calcifications" on the right breast (the same side where I had pneumonectomy) so they want me to come in for another one.  Yesterday I went for more imaging and after a long wait, a radiologist came in and said it's not obviously malignant, but it's not obviously benigh.  Thus he wants to do a needle biopsy.  I blurted out "OMG, haven't I gone through enough?" I wanted to scream so badly. urrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Anyway, my poor scarred up right boob is getting a biopsy next Monday :( He did say "usually" most of micro calcifications he's done a biopsy on turned out to be nothing.  So I am hoping next week is full of good news - my eyes are fine.  my boob is fine.

Prayers or good thoughts/vibes, whatever you lean to, could I ask for some please?

Thank you.



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I am beyond happy to share the good news - my boob is fine and so are my eyes!

The breast biopsy (which I thought was more painful than the lung biopsy!!!) result was just as I had logically hoped for given it was close to the pneumonectamy incision area.  Just some fibrous cysts - I think that's the term the nurse who called me used.  Whew.

This morning I went to see an ophthalmologist and he checked them out and said my eyes are fine.  He said that all I've been through (especially the targeted therapy drug I'm on) can throw the counts of red blood cells off and that in turn can cause hemorrahges. He did ask me to come back in 6 months to check.  Whew.

I think last time I was this relieved was after my first post surgery/radiation CT scan result.

Thank you all for your prayers, good thoughts and vibes. 😍



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