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Stage4 lung cancer with bone mets


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stage 4 lung cancer with bone mets. diagnosed in June of this year.  Survivor of head and neck cancer from 2 years ago. Have had aspirating pneumonia for 2 months, from dysphagia where my neck muscles were weak from prior radiation in 2016.  Had a feeding tube placed 2 weeks ago. Finally able to start back Keytruda after not being able to do chemo or keytruda for 7 weeks, due to pneumonia. The PET scan reveals the treatment was working but can't seem to kick the pneumonia completely. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hi Samson, 

My mom is on Keytruda as well, began with Chemo + Keytruda for 6 sessions. She has been on it since July 2017. The treatment did its job and she had had no evidence of disease for at least 6 months. She was continuing her treatment, but has recently had to stop due to continued shortness of breath. She has had to take a few treatment breaks since February due to this. At first they thought pneumonitis,  but steroids did not clear it up. Then they thought pneumonia,  but her docs think it might not be. We are being told that it is just a side effect to the treatment. Perhaps not being able to kick the pneumonia is also a side effect for you.  Just a thought .

Take care, 


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