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Stage 4


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My mom was diagnosed 2 months ago with Stage 4 NSCLC lung cancer that has metastasized to her lymph nodes and spine. She was given 4-6 months without chemo and more like 4-5 realistically. She tried chemo once but was unable to tolerate. I guess my biggest questions have to do with what to expect in the coming weeks and months. She is on oxygen now.  Thanks much



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I’m so very sorry to learn of your mom’s diagnosis. 

Your question of what to expect in coming months could be best answered by a hospice provider. Once during treatment I faced a similar predicament. My therapy was not arresting my lung cancer. We decided to look into hospice care and we were impressed with the provider and method. 

I did not enter hospice because a new FDA precision radiation treatment was approved for treatment of my type of lung cancer. But, when I again face an end of life situation, I will engage hospice care. 

Stay the course. 


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