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Good News!!!!


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HELLO my brothers and sisters.

Ill keep this short. Last Tuesday I went in for what they call CTPET scan.

It’s a brand new machine that takes a CT scan and then a PET scan. They tell me its more accurate because the CT scan part tells them what organ they are looking at with the PET scan. Now as many of you know, two week ago they found a blood clot and that is doing fine. this Friday was my visit to my onoc to talk about the cancer. As many of you guys know waiting is the worst part.

The doc took my scans and came back in and said I DONT SEE ANY SIGNS OF CANCER ANYWHERE!!!! My wife asked does this mean he’s cancer free? He said that he couldn’t say that because there can always be cancer cells floating around but he would say I was in full remission because there is NED!!! HE said he is still waiting for the report from the radiology dept that took my scans. I guess that’s why I can’t get excited yet. So The doc and I discussed about how we are going to try to keep things the way they are, so he recommended Iressa as a maintenance drug (god Im scared to death) I know this question has been asked a lot but how are my brother and sisters doing that are on Iressa? Any advice or recommendations?

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As for the Iressa, well............................ why not give it all you have, being that you CAN???? Why not keep this crap at bay being it is?? Why not ZAP this crud for all it's worth??? WHY NOT??? Just my two cents worth. Your headed for the upswing and by GOLLY, I'm HAPPY FOR YOU!!

God Bless and Continued prayers....

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Guest Karen C

Oh, Ray, that is so wonderful! I was so worried about you after you had mets, but you fought and you BEAT the monster! You are our hero!

God Bless you and your wonderful family!

Karen C. (Dave C's wife)

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HooRay Ray A.

The Duke is on Iressa. Sides are DIARHEA, some nausea and just starting a rash on the end of his nose and peeling skin on his index finger.

The doctor told us to take 2 Imodium each morning, just in case. Said you will never get constipated when you are taking Iressa. Earl munches crackers when he feels tummy sick, seems to work. He is having a pregnancy test next week, thought crackers only worked with morning sickness. Using Aveeda lotion for rash, he hates it but is doing it.

I would go for the Iressa. The sides are handible and as Ry says when it works, it works good.

I am so happy for you and your family. I'd check out AC this weekend while you are having this good luck.


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No sorry U of Penn does not have the ct/pet scaner I have to go to SJRA in voorhees. They got the new machine. My insurance is not capitated with any other place.

P.S. You look so Beautiful in your wedding pic. Good looking hubbie too

and son.

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Hey Ray!

This may be a little late but I am still THRILLED about your good news! It's so encouraging to see someone beat those nasty brain mets. You must be doing cartwheels...with losing those 6 pounds and all. :wink:

I will keep your "remission stance" in my prayers!

Karen M.

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