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I’m a newbie..I have a new dr and in some records that she reviewed my white blood count was at fifteen.. she did some blood tests and it has been at that level for two years;  and I had no idea..The next visit I had bronchitis and she took exrays if my lungs and there is a nodule on one of my lobes. My previous drs and current specialists have found abnodule on my brain, one in my stomach, some in my throat;in or near my thyroid, and one on my adenoids; they took out my tonsils and adenoids and sent them off to check for cancer. They have all been benign. So she took blood to check for cancer. The tests came back negative. She told me if she couldn’t figure it out she would have to send me to an oncologist. She made an appointment for me to come back in two months. I go see her next month. Two or three weeks later I went to an urgent care clinic with bronchitis. I also have COPD. They changed my status from chronic bronchitis to acute bronchitis with asperation. I don’t know what that means. They also told me I neede to get a phnemonia shot.i have all the symptoms for lung cancer except no weight loss; I’ve actually been gaining weight. Can I PLEASE get some input on this.....

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