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Swollen lymph node, should I worry?

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Hi Tomm,

Sounds like you are doing great with your treatments up to this point. Keep it up!

I don't have a new treatment plan at this point but I do have a new medical oncologist and I have a lot of confidence in her.

She wants me to have CT's every two months. So far, that's the plan. We are hoping that the research from some of the Phase I clinical trials will start to become available soon.
She also said that new clinical trials for KRAS in NSCLC will be coming out in the summer. 


Hope you continue to make great progress!!



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Hi Michelle,

I'm doing well after 20 radiations and 4 chemos.  The radiation is next to my throat but the Manuka Honey helped stop swelling. Weight staying the same, blood work all in normal range. I can eat anything & a salad.  Drinking lots of Coconut water,Natural coconut water contains five key electrolytes: sodium,potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.  I bought a small  indoor trampoline . Only side effect is some fatigue.

Ten more treatment days and then I look into Durvalumab. Anyone in remission taking this drug?

I hope things go well for all... Tomm

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Hi Tomm, 

Wow, that's great news!  I'm so glad your treatment plan is going well for you.  It's a good sign when you're able to maintain weight during radiation.  I love your spirit and determination!  That's a big key to the path of remission in my opinion (plus your hippie protocol!).  

I've got a spinal MRI today (cervical and thoracic) to evaluate progress of Alectinib on the small bone mets.  Next chest CT scan is 2-18.  Overall I'm feeling pretty well.  I've had excessive stress in the last three weeks with my position being eliminated and transitioning from short term disability to long term disability.   The mail just keeps on coming.  I keep telling myself this is all short term and in a few more weeks the paperwork pile (which is close to 6 inches high) will dwindle down with slow progress.   

There is a fabulous thread on Durvalumab in the Immunotherapy postings-some of them are pretty humorous.  

All the best-stay strong!


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