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David A

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I am doing well--just busy at work. It is time for the first round of exams for my students, and between helping them with their questions and trying to write the exams, I don't know which end is up most of the time.

I went for a PET scan on Friday, and am waiting to hear the results, hopefully in the next couple of days. They are still trying to figure out why my ribs are hurting so much, and nothing has shown up on x-rays or CT's. The good news about that though is that the radiation doctor started me on Celebrex, and that has worked so well that I have really been able to cut down on the narcotics.

Thursday I have my second dose of this latest chemo. I am not sure when I'll get scanned again, but my oncologist here has so far always scanned after the second dose of everything.

My daughter has had lost of questions lately about dying, brought on by "The Lion King". She asked me when I am going to die. I told her that I don't know, but I hope it is a long time. I told her that everybody dies, and someday she will die. She now tells me every day that she doesn't want me to die and that she hopes it is a "real long time" until I die.

Thanks for checking on me.


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Hey Becky,

Those pesky questions......my son asks questions all the time about dying and heaven as well -- they began about a year ago (right before my diagnoses) when my grandmother passed away. I found a GREAT book, written by Maria Shriver called "What's Heaven?" It seemed to satisfy him (for a while). It might be a worthwhile book to read to your daughter. It's beautifully written specifically for young children.

Take care of yourself,


ps -- your daughter sounds like my son. He likes to ask "How old will you be when I am xx years old....". The other day he says: "How old will you be when I am 80....never mind -- you'll be dead". Gee. Thanks, kid. :roll:

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Guest Karen C

That Maria Shriver book about heaven is a good one for kids who have a death in their family or questions about it. Unfortunately, I have lost two dear cousins, both who had small children, and in both instances someone gave them that book.

Heather - that is pretty funny - "never mind, you'll be dead . . . " ! Can't wait until Faith is talking!

Karen C.

(David C's wife)

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