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Port question

Susan Cornett

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Quick question for those of you have/had a chemo port. I had a port inserted in the spring of 2017 when I went through my second round of chemo. I get it flushed monthly, and the radiology techs love it when I have a CT or PET because my veins are crummy.  However, I'm on the fence about keeping it. It's not a vanity thing - it's just icky (that's a medical term, you know).

Anyway, discussed this with Super Doc at this week's visit and he said an argument can be made to keep it, and an argument can be made to remove it. I asked him if a second port could be inserted should I need it later and he said yes.

So here's my question: have any of you had your port removed only to have another one inserted at a later date?


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Hey Susan!

When I was initially diagnosed the molecular testing was still being processed so I started on the traditional chemo and the port was installed.   I had issues with it from day one. Icky little bugger! When the testing came back ALK + I switched to oral chemo.   I had a discussion with the onc that at some point the little bugger may need to return.  My cousin has advanced Chrones disease and also has a port.  She’s had more admissions from secondary infections.  She recommended to me removing the port, one less thing to worry about.    So in consultation with the onc we de-ported.   I’m really happy with the decision and defer until a future date. 


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