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Newly diagnosed, awaiting PET scan

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Hi Lisa 

We are here for you!  Initially I was really worried about telling my colleagues.  I came from the behavioral health industry & talk about gossipy- this industry takes the cake.  

I came up with a “elevator pitch”- being from Jersey let’s me get straight to the point.  I didn’t have to say much.  Sharing your diagnosis with people gets much easier after the first time.  


I decided to let everyone know & found support from unexpected places.  For those who were on the shallow side- You can see that quickly & move on as you don’t need those types in your life not now, not ever.  Healthcare executives can be brutal.  Some people won’t know what to say or how to respond.  

I also had a close trusted colleague who volunteered to share the news with some of my team members to save me the trauma of having to re-tell the story over & over.  

I’m glad I threw out a big circle.  A simple text or little emoji goes a long way to pull you through the tough days.  

Have faith- people care about you.  Let them show it.  


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