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LUNGevity Foundation Announces New Leader to Spearhead Lung Cancer Policy Issues


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LUNGevity Foundation, the nation’s leading lung cancer-focused nonprofit organization, announced today that Kristen Cox Santiago, a longtime healthcare policy professional, joined the Foundation as senior director of LUNGevity’s public policy initiatives.

LUNGevity’s policy work seeks to improve how people are diagnosed with, navigate, and live with lung cancer.  The goal is to ensure that all people diagnosed with lung cancer have timely access to, and are covered for, any early detection, testing, or treatment necessary.

“We are thrilled that Kristen will be joining the LUNGevity team,” Andrea Ferris, president and CEO of the Foundation, says. “With Kristen on board, we can continue the important work of ensuring patient access to high-quality care and fostering innovation.”

As senior director of public policy initiatives, Kristen will participate on a variety of committees and advisory boards to represent the interest and perspective of lung cancer patients. She will present at Capitol Hill briefings; submit letters to legislators, regulators, and independent organizations seeking patient input; and convene multi-stakeholder meetings to resolve complex issues that hinder patient access to diagnostics and the most advanced therapeutics. Through this work, LUNGevity will continue to make positive strides in breaking down barriers to patient access to high-quality care and treatment innovation. 

Kristen has substantial experience working in the healthcare industry in roles in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. In her previous role as senior director, policy & advocacy for The Cancer Support Community (CSC), Kristen was responsible for the development and implementation of CSC’s regulatory and legislative agenda, securing and growing relationships with policymakers and stakeholders across multiple sectors, and engaging national partners to identify areas of common work and consensus to collectively advocate for positive change for people affected by cancer. Kristen is driven by a strong personal desire to impact the health status and quality of life of individuals.

Read the full news release.

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