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A little concerned


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I just read my cat scan results. To say that I am a little concerned is an understatement. The impression reads Bilateral upper lobectomies, bilateral lower ground glass nodules which have been slowly increasing in size.

Appearances are most compatible with bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma./adenocarcinoma in situ. Now, I know that it is still in the early stages, but won't know what the oncologist suggests until tomorrow. . Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this type before. Not much more lung they can remove.

My history is this:

1992 Gall Bladder Cancer

2007 Stage 1b NSCLC Upper Left lobe removed

2017 Stage 1a NSCLC Upper Right lobe removed. 

I know with my history the concern for the cancer to return is high. I just wonder if they say to keep waiting, is how long do we wait. I am not that young anymore and I know the older I get the harder it will get. 


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Hi  Isunique. I understand how your CT results are concerning!  If you're told to keep waiting and you're not convinced by the explanation, you could go for a second opinion. BTW, have hou had biomaker testing?  Hang in there, you'll have more info tomorrow.


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I've no personal experience with your symptoms but have a lot of experience with waiting for tests, scans, diagnosis and the like. The best suggestion I can offer is bring someone with you to ensure all your questions get asked and answered and you completely understand your diagnosis and possible treatment options.

Stay the course.


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Hi, Isunique,

We just wanted to check in and see how you're doing! Please post an update when you can. We are here for you!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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