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Sad news that she just died, at 75.  

According to the report I read, she passed from complications of diabetes.

The thing is, she apparently was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer (with brain mets) back in 2010.  And she died of DIABETES.

I'm sorry to hear of her passing--I always loved her humor, her performances, and her movies that she directed.  But she was an EIGHT YEAR survivor of this disease--brain mets and all--and it didn't beat her.  


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Several of the news stories have mentioned it. I think many people choose not to announce they (or a loved one) has "beaten" cancer because we all know that it's a sneaky disease that can sometimes return even after years of NED.  Personally, it would feel to me like I'd be tempting fate.  The important thing, though, is that it didn't beat her.  

This is a reminder, though, how deadly diabetes can be.  The one abnormal reading on my blood work I had done last week was my fasting glucose, which was JUST above the cutoff for "pre-diabetes."  I had gestational diabetes the last time I was pregnant, so I know I'm at risk, and that was one of the reasons I worked hard on my weight loss.  It's disappointing it's still a bit high.  I know I need to get some exercise, which would probably help.  

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I am impressed it appears she beat the cancer.  I'm a medical transcriptionist and no matter what a person passes away from, it they've had any kind of cancer, it's on the death certificate.  But I surely do understand the family's wishes. 


Take care, Lexie.  

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Very sorry to hear that but it serves as a reminder how insidious a disease T2DM is.

A lady who had been a colon cancer survivor nearly as long as me on my colon cancer forum as a Stage IVa, who had been T1 since her teenage years, and was a diabetes educator passed away earlier this year ( from diabetic complications).  If she wasn't safe, who was.

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Hey LexieCat- you do such a great job taking care of us & you need to take care of yourself too.  A little exercise will go a long way to knock the glucose down. Personally I can’t stand excercise but I do love rowing because it’s a sitting down sport that doesn’t feel like work.  

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