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So frightened

Lisa L

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On 1/2/2019 at 2:40 PM, LexieCat said:

C, you might ask your surgeon if he can hook you up with an oncologist for your regular scan followups.  I imagine they will recommend a scan every six months for now.  If you get an oncologist's name, you won't need the appointment for another six months after your scan.  So you shouldn't have a problem booking an appointment six months out. You want to be sure a copy of all your records (including previous scans) is sent to your oncologist.  Each time I see the oncologist now they go ahead and book my next appointment.  Then all I have to do is to make the appointment for the CT a week or so in advance of that, and the necessary blood work (needed because of the contrast used for the CT) a few days before the scan.  

A couple of times I've gotten the CT report before my appointment, but this last time I didn't hear the results till I went to the oncologist's appointment.  The scan had been interpreted by the radiologist first, but my oncologist always looks at it, himself, as well.

(Sorry, Lisa, we don't mean to hijack your thread!) :) 

Yes, Lisa, I'm sorry for intruding on your thread!  How are you doing, anyway?

Lexie... Thank you (and Tom, too) for enlightening me re: having an oncologist.  I have my 1st post-surgical CT next month with an appointment immediately following the CT with my surgeon. I will ask him at that time for a referral to an oncologist.  I've learned there are only 2 oncologist in my hometown - very booked - so it looks like I'll probably need to get established with someone in Seattle.

Lisa... Hope you are doing well...

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Thanks girl, well I have been doing ok, I went to dinner with a friend on Saturday night and I told her what was going on and she looked at me like oh wow your on life support which I hate so much and honestly I’m very depressed and down because I’m just thinking am I making the right decisions or should I just push the fact I’m not going to watch and wait and then I go back on this site and I do not see many stories of people with stage 1 that have good stories it is all kinda depressing like it just keeps coming back and if you have stage 1 a year later you could have stage 4 ..so thanks for checking on me but I’m just being honest I’m very down tonight. 

Love and light


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You know what my take is on the relatively few long-term Stage I people on the forum?  I think that after a while, a lot of those people just go on with their lives and don't post any more.  They aren't fighting cancer, and after years with no evidence of disease, a cancer forum probably feels less relevant to their lives.  

Yes, there will be a few of us who have recurrences.  It does happen.  OTOH, there are plenty of people out there happily going about their day, totally unaware that there is cancer growing inside them, and they won't know until after it's grown and spread to the point where they have symptoms.  I'd sure rather be in the crowd who knows what's going on and be keeping an eye on it than one of the blissfully ignorant.


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