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Scan Down, 64 oz of water to go..

Rower Michelle

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Hi all, 

There were some benefits to scheduling a CT Scan the day after Christmas.  The place was empty and I breezed in and out.  The only difficult part of was not have my husband there with me.  Three weeks ago, he had unexpected prostate reduction surgery and he's hunkered down for a fairly long recovery process.  We're hoping he can venture out of the house on Friday for the onc visit.  If not, FaceTime works.  

This was my fifth CT scan since September- too bad they don't have frequent flier points.  I'm feeling much, much better these days so I'm curious to see how this goes after 8 weeks of targeted therapy.   Onward.  Jersey Strong, 


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I never find the scan, itself, especially stressful--it's waiting for the results afterwards that is nerve-wracking.  

Keeping fingers crossed--and I hope your husband is feeling better soon, too--that surgery sounds less than pleasant!

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Sorry your husband is on the mend.  I hope he resolves soon.  Frequent flyer miles for CT scans would have got me back and forth to the moon but a grand idea 😎! FaceTime of oncology consults is a superb idea!  Thanks.

Stay the course.


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