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PET shows no mets and head CT shows nothing. Staged a 3a-still not sure exactly what the a means but I’m jumping for joy that it’s not spread everywhere.  Setting me up for 6 weeks of radiation-Monday they Friday, along with low dose of Carboplatin and Taxol once per week for those 6 weeks. After that-immunotherapy. Right now I feel like I should have asked about surgery after the 6 weeks but I didn’t. I asked if they did bio markers tests, the nurse said they don’t for my type. Now I’m confused about that but I’ll be there in the very near future and will get further insight. Meeting the radiologist on 1/2, waiting for the appointment for the port then should be starting this crazy train mid January. Does all this sound normal?  I need 2019 to be a decent year 

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Great news!  I know how relieved you must be.

We have tons of Stage IV people here doing well--IIIa is something you can beat back.

Yeah, the timeline sounds pretty normal.  I'm not entirely sure what she meant about not doing biomarker testing for your "type" of cancer.  You have adenocarcinoma, which I believe is usually able to be tested.  It's something you might ask the doctor--not sure I'd want that explanation from a nurse.  But there's no huge rush.

For right now, be happy that it doesn't look like you have any distant mets--that's something worth celebrating!

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Thanks Lexie-beat it back I will. I’m sure there will always be a running list of questions so that will be on top. Guess my life will be in 6-8 week increments. A friend asked me today what happens if it doesn’t work-said I’m not even going to that thought process, it’s going to work. 

Happy New Year to you 

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