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second primary lung cancer.


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In May 2017, I have upper right lung lobectomy (7 days stay in the hospital. Collapsed Lung). In January 2019, I will have my second lower left lobectomy. Hope everything will be fine. If someone has a second lobectomy let me know how you did MERCI

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Andre, What was the diagnosis of the cancer in each of those lungs that the entire lobe was/will be removed? Why are they calling the lower left issue a second primary lung cancer? We’re they different, I.e. NSCLC, SCLC, adenocarcinoma, squamous cell? Was the upper right lobe collapsed as a result of a needle biopsy? They were unable to reinflate it by inserting a chest tube? Lobectomy was not the intention of the first procedure, correct? Please provide a little more information about the cancer diagnoses.


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