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Just found out that my mother has lungs cancer


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Hey guys,

Just found this forum this very minute..my mum is.diagnose with lung cancer.

Chemo was suggested has it.appears on both lungs.it has spread to the body but waiting on results to find out if it is on her brain.

Very stressed at the moment because we dont have.the money to seek 2nd opinion and the best way forward.

Need some advise.

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Hi, and welcome.  Sorry to hear of your mom's diagnosis.  Do you know what type of lung cancer?  Do you know whether her cancer has been tested for biomarkers?  That might indicate certain drug therapies that might be particularly effective.

Chemo is pretty common for first-line treatment for advanced cancers that have spread outside the lung.  If it should turn out she has metastasis to the brain, radiation is often ordered.  

We have several long-term survivors who have had advanced cancers and are doing well, so there is hope.  Glad you found us--there is a lot of good information and support on this forum.

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Hi. I don't have much to add to what LexieCat has said. Just wanted to say welcome and I'm glad you found us. Let us know how we can support you. Hang in there!

Bridget O

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