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Port placement today


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Same here.  I didn’t remember anything & actually fell asleep from the drugs.  You can ask to have a little bit of Valium as part of the pre-medication.  Worked like a charm for me. At the time of my port placement I had horrible coughing fits & the drugs got me through the procedure blissfully.  🙂

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You won't feel a thing and it will be over very quickly.

Port installation will solve sooooo many problems and your veins will thank you for the minor inconvenience.

Stay the course.


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Got the port yesterday. Was awake the whole time but felt nothing. Was actually joking with all the people in the room. Today I feel like crap, seems any kind of anaesthesia knocks me down for 48 hours. I’m now getting nervous about starting treatment Monday. 

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Glad the port placement was uneventful.  

I don't blame you for feeling nervous about starting chemo--I would be, too.  My bet, though, is that a lot of it is fear of the unknown.  Once you've been through it a few times you will know what to expect and have strategies to manage it.

You can do this!!

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Well that’s one & done.  Glad you’re through it. My hubby ordered a memory foam wedge pillow  which helped me sleep post port.  I had trouble sleeping too. 

I understand the fear of the unknown- I went to chemo battle ready in my best Lilly Pulitzer outfit. Looking back I was probably high as a kite from the steroids.  

Stay Jersey Strong.  We’re here with you. 

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