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How is Buddy?


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Guest Karen C

I've thought about them several times a day and just assumed that Norme is 24/7 consumed every minute with Buddy's care. I know if something "happened" she would have let us know immediately.

A good friend of ours - we are actually good friends with his whole family through church - his father died of melanoma a few years ago and he was at home in hospice the last week of his life. His mother was totally consumed every second of the day, you never knew when he would wake up and try to get out of bed or start acting really erractically (he had brain mets). The poor woman, this was only one week or less, but she was completely frazzled and worn out by the time he passed on. So I am sort of imagining Norme going through something similar. (I, in fact, had lunch with this strong woman and her daughter yesterday and we talked about this very thing. She said she would never remarry in fear of having to do this a second time, poor thing).

Norme: if you see this, know that I am thinking about you all the time and hoping you are doing OK and that Buddy is comfortable. And I keep thinking about that last really good day he had, with the walk and everything.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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Norme and buddy, you are always on my mind and in my thoughts. Everyday I visit this board, I am looking forward to receiving some messages or news from you as we all know you have to handle many emotional and physical difficulties. Please stay strong and get some rests if you could. My prayers for you are overflowing !!

Hang in there and we are stand on your side.

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