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Pancoast tumor& horners syndrome

Tammy L

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My husband has Pancoast Tumor& Horners Syndrome he has gone through chemo& radiation but now it has spread to left lung,liver, veins, its inoperable, has anyone gone through this?

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Hi, Tammy, and welcome.

I'm sorry about your husband's illness.  We have at least a few people here who have had Pancoast tumors.  I haven't heard anyone mention Horner's syndrome, but I know nerve pain is pretty common with that.  

What treatment is he receiving right now?  Has the tumor been tested for biomarkers?

Glad you found us--this is a great place for information and support.

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Hello Tammy .   I am one of those members here that has had a Pancoast Tumor.

My tumor was in the apex of my right upper lobe.  It was pressing on a nerve going down my right arm and also 

pressing on  my chest wall.  I had chest pain and pain down my right arm.  

I had no distant mets.  I had to have chemo and radiation to shrink it before they would consider surgery.

When I was able, because it shrunk, to have surgery the plan from the beginning was that I would have more chemo

after surgery.  I have survived 21 years now !   What chemo did  he have  ?     I pray that he responds well to it.  When is he due for a CT ? Please keep us posted.


Donna G

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