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What to expect during my mom's chemo treatment


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Hi All, 

Last fall my mom was diagnosed with NSCLC when they did a biopsy on a tumour in her left lower lobe.  In Dec she had a successful surgery and they removed a portion of her lower lobe.  She is recovering well.  Unfortunately they did find that the cancer spread to her lymph nodes.  Our next step is Chemo. 

Her post op diagnosis is 2A adeno carcinoma of the left lower lobe (pT2apN1).  Her chemo treatment protocol is 4 cycles of Cisplatin and Vinorelbine.  She lives alone and I plan to relocate to help her through the treatment - I live across the country.  Right now I am looking at how to manage my work schedule remotely and I may have to travel back in forth quite a bit.  I'm hoping to connect with others who have been through this chemo treatment to hear about their experiences with side effects.  I know everyone reacts differently, but would love to hear about how others managed on these drugs, I want to organize the situation so she never feels alone and is supported fully without having to give up my job. 


Thanks so much, 





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