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Post-op lobectomy question

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Hi, my mom was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in October.  She underwent a lobectomy and had her right lower and middle lobes removed. Since the surgery she describes an internal sensation of "pulling and tearing" in the area where her lung used to be.  She has started to exercise more and notices that the sensation increases with activity.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?  She is wondering if this is normal.

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I had some weird internal sensations for a few months after my lobectomy.  There is still healing going on in there, and it takes time for everything to settle down inside.  Among other things going on, the remaining lung kind of shifts position, and the newly empty part of the chest cavity fills with fluid and scar-type tissue.  She should discuss it with her surgeon, but I think what she's experiencing is pretty common and will lessen as time goes by.

I had my lobectomy more than a year and a half ago and the only remaining "weird feeling" is sort of a twinge if I inhale sharply (e.g., before a sneeze, or during a deep yawn).  It doesn't hurt, it's just a twinge.

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