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Hope you are awesome! The first thing my onc said to me when starting Alectinib, the targeted therapy for ALK+ was treatment resistance will (not might) become a problem.  

I sent the article to both my Integrative & Medical Oncologists. 

Im starting to wonder if some of these pharma companies would arrange a group discount if there were a number of us wiling/able to travel for a clincal trial. 

What did you find out from the guy in OK taking the de-wormer?  Any updates there? 

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I had just emailed him asking if it's OK to take even when the tumor has been resected... He said prevention is always better than cure so go ahead and take it. But since we are already into herbal treatment, we didn't start it. 

Let us know what your oncologist has a say on it? It sounds like a very good news to me. 


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New developments are good news! A couple of caveats on this one. First, it's importlant to note that this is sponsored content, essentially an ad. Second, the drug is still in a very early stage of development, preclincial trials. It hasn't been tested on humans yet.  Let's hope for the best!

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Hi Hope, 

I saw the hippie doctor today and he reviewed the article with me.  He had the same reaction as Bridget- even though it was a sponsored piece it's still evidence the the science to treat the disease is advancing rapidly.  He thought it was good news and a clever way to get the FDA to move a little faster. 

You might want to check out the Bonnie J Addairo Foundation Lung Cancer Living Room on YouTube from January 19th.  They talk about the advances in clinical trials and targeted/immunotherapy.  Some very exciting stuff coming down the pike.    


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