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Gemzar 2nd line metastatic


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Has anyone had any experience with Gemzar (Gemcitabine) for 2nd line therapy for metastic nsclc lung cancer? My moms cancer has recently spread to small areas in bones & liver. Starting back on chemo with Gemzar and would like to get some feedback on what to expect or look for so I can help w/ side effects. Also was it beneficial?

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Until now I had never noticed anyone else being treated with Gemcitibine.

In my case it was firstline with carboplatin.I had a small tumour and 2 lymph nodes and was not a candidate for surgery. I started off with 4 three week cycles and this chemo was very effective. It cleaned out the lymph nodes and significantly shrank the tumour.

As a former colon cancer patient in 2007 , and having already had 12 rounds of Folfox ( Fluorouracil and Oxaliplatin) I was surprised at how few side effects I experienced. With one exception. This chemo left my Platelets and WBCs fairly intact but destroyed my haemoglobin. All up I had 10 blood transfusions and today, 16 months later my haemoglobin is below the recommended range.

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