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Dx'd Stage IV NSCLC Squamous Dec 2018


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It all started with a flu shot in November 2018. A week after that, a funky lymph node popped up in a strange place on my neck. I waited a month before seeing my GP. GP sent me for a CT scan and from there, PET scan,biopsy, and MRI. Then the diagnosis (NSCLC Stage IV Squamous with Mets to femurs) I started Keytruda on Monday, January 14th. I am 47 years old, previous smoker (quit 5 years ago), worked in chemical plants and refineries for most of my life. I am hoping to receive support here and give support. Thanks for listening!

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Welcome here. Sadly, you already have something in common with most of us -- a surprise diagnosis of lung cancer.  So we know exactly what you are feeling and thinking.  Here are some ideas to consider.  Avoid the doom and gloom of Dr. Google survival statistics.  They are five year statistical projections and they are not very accurate for a number of reasons. Here are some.  You've got a treatment plan for your Stage IV Squamous cell NSCLC and it is immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy is an amazing treatment and many on this forum have benefited from it. You'll likely hear from some shortly. My cancer went from Stage 3B to Stage IV when it metastasized to my left lung.  That was nearly 15 years ago and the only treatment available at the time was conventional chemotherapy (Taxol and Carboplatin).  But, having said that, I'm still here and if I can live, so can you.

As you progress through treatment, you'll likely have questions and this is a good place for answers.

Stay the course.


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Hello there!  You’ve landed in the right place with terrific people! 

The Keytruda is very effective.  On of my LC pals has a high PDL-1 expression with bone Mets & had a complete response on Keytruda after about a year. She is now No Evidence of Disease & doing really well.

Nice to meet you & thanks for sharing your experience. 


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I never answered back. I believe I talked to a few of you at the Hope Summit. Anyway, Keytruda failed miserably (caused hyper-progression). However, I found out that I have the MET amplification mutation.  I've been on Crizotinib for 2 years and have been stable. :) Sorry for leaving like that. 

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No apologies necessary--we're just really glad to hear you're doing well now. 

Welcome back, and please stick around. We just added a MET forum to our Mutations section, and your input would be valuable to others.

Unfortunately, I have no mutations, but I'm starting a very interesting clinical trial of a new immunotherapy. (I had progression after an initially good response to chemo plus Keytruda.)

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Glad to hear the words "Stable" and "NED"....  Stick around, if you can, and share your stories with others.  Especially those who may have the same treatment protocol as yourself.  Congratulations on the good news.


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