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My Introduction

Doris Ann

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On a recent abdominal scan it showed a 7mm nodule in lower left lobe with groundglass shape.  How suspicious looking would that be?
I had a follow up chest scan and all was clear.  I also yesterday had a mammogram and no change since last one.  Still waiting for bone density test results.
I smoked for about 30 yrs. but didn't start until in my 30's and wasn't a huge smoker.  I am now 67 yrs. old.  I don't drink and no longer smoke.  There is another 3mm nodule in the left lower 
lung and a 7mm nodule in the right lower lung (not suspicious).

I was told to come back in a year for another scan but chose to come back in 6 months for follow up.  I just came across this wonderful group and and starting to read all the stores here.
Thanks kindly for any feedback you all can offer me.  Doris Ann in Pa

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Hi Doris Ann and welcome. 7 mm is pretty small. Ground glass can be suspicious.  I would certainly feel better with a 6 month followup than 1 year, so good choice! is this being followed by your primary doctor or a pulmonologist? If it were me, I'd like to have a pulmonolgist looking  at the scans.

Let us know what questions you may have and how we can support you.

Bridget O

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Hi, Doris,

I'd second what Bridget said.  Let the lung experts keep an eye on it--if there are concerning changes, they will be caught early.  Most nodules are not cancer--they can be lots of other things, like inflammation or scar tissue from an old infection.  Still worth keeping an eye on, though, but not something you should lose sleep over.

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I have a Pulmonologist.  He looked at the scans.  The only nodule he seemed concerned about was the one was was groundglass.  I asked him what made it different from any others?  He said it showed some inflammation.  Thank for BridgetO and LexiCat

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