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Productive cough?


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My mom's pulmonologist refers to a productive cough as a cough where "movement" of the gunk in the lungs happens.  This sometimes means actually coughing something up and other times it just means that you can get that crackly feeling to go away.  When my mom has productive coughs, it still may take her a few times of heavy coughing to clear that crackly feeling, but the coughs are still productive.

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To Bridget's point, a productive cough could really be anything- common cold, bronchitis or pneumonia.  It also depends what the cough is producing and does it have any color or blood coming up?   I had a productive cough for months that was forcing out the "lung junk".   Then I had a productive cough as a side effect from my first (and only round) of Keytruda.   Best course of action is to make a very detailed list and review it with the doctor to let them decide.  

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