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Tom Galli

Hope for a Cure.

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Thanks Tom- this is a good piece of encouragement! I'm heading in to see the onc for my now monthly check-up and bloodwork this morning.  Needed a boost as I dread the trips to the clinic.    Life as a never smoker- lung cancer mutant isn't easy, people assume I was a smoker and I don't look sick.  I use every opportunity to educate anyone who is willing to listen about ALL lung cancers.  So anyway, I hang out with the breast cancer survivors in yoga Friday morning.  After  my lung cancer elevator pitch, one of my classmates drew the conclusion that mutant lung cancers are just like HIV/AIDS.  Horrible stigma attached with the advances in TKIs (INHIBITORS) will help transition this disease to a manageable condition.   Understand we've got to take this news in perspective but hey, on a day like today with the big arctic blast about to hit KC.  I"LL TAKE SOME GOOD NEWS TODAY!!

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