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Burping A LOT....?

Eugenia Gregorio

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Hi all - My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer (spread to her bones) in December 2018 and just finished her second chemotherapy treatment last week.  Her symptoms started with back pain and burping back in late October.  We now know that the back pain is from the cancer spreading to her bones, and specifically covering her spine top to bottom.  The doctors have never seemed to figure out the burping.  Do you have experience with this? Any tips I can share with her?  Thanks!

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Hi Eugenia-

I don’t have any handy tips for you however you might want to check in with the dietician to see if they have any thoughts.  

I’m learning that  oncologists are so focused on the cancer that they sometimes overlook “the minor stuff” which does interfere with general wellbeing.  I’m sure your mom is frustrated by this so please don’t give up on searching for an answer.  Ask the nurse practitioner (assuming there is one available).  I’ve found my nurse to have great practical advice out of the doctor’s earshot.  

Let us know what you learn. 


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