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I hope someone can answer this one for me. I have a Dr. appt on Thursday and will ask him but I want to see if anyone else has this. For the last few weeks, when I start to get warm, I get a burning sensation in my forearms and the tops of my legs. I noticed today that I also feel it on my back from time to time. As soon as I start to cool down it stops?? Any ideas??

God Bless,


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I think you're spending too much time around Sean Connery and Mel Gibson....I experience hot spots when watchin' them! :oops:

Are you currently on any medication? Could be a side effect, could be a new skin reaction after chemo, could be cosmic rays, could be the price of tea in China....

I know that my back gets really, really itchy lately and there's lots of bumps that form right where I can't flippin' reach to scratch and that my arms and legs itch when I'm cold - could it be your body hair growing back from the major hair loss issue? That was another time that I had skin tinglies...and that my skin is not acting like it did pre-LC/surgery/Iressa. One thing to remember is that your body's biggest organ is your skin - if it's really bothering you, contact your oncologist. Could just be something a magic lotion will cure...(here's hoping that lotion is CHEAP!)

Guess I have more questions than answers! Sorry!

Take care,


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I had strange itching, sweating, and was always cold. Maybe it has something to do with dialation of your blood vessels? or maybe just what your brain thinks is the thing to do when you get warm? It takes a bit to reequilibrate sometimes.

I hope that's the worst we come up with... hot spots, itching and sweats!

Hang in there, this strange stuff ought to pass too...



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