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Update and 2nd round of chemo


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2nd round of chemo finished. All went well. The last few days his hair was coming out a lot - so he took the plunge and got a buzz cut. We talked about it and felt it would be best to buzz it so the shock of bare head would be easier in increments. He looks amazing. Such an adjustment for him. However, it was time. I’m amazed by his positivity and applaud it! Applaud everyone who goes through this. Not sure I would have the strength. Hoping all stays the “course” as Tom says. Ready for the nausea and fatigue. Will be on top of it as I’ve taken all advice and wrote everything down day by day. Tomorrow afternoon, my husband get the Neulasta shot and hoping he handles just like 3 weeks ago. 🙏🏻  I know what symptom (s) hits on what day and how long it lasts, but I am still waiting for something to rear it’s ugly head. Not my personality, but cancer and chemo seem so unpredictable. 😩 I read it’s cumulative so I just wonder... I loathe the unknown and want to be prepared. I believe I am ?!?! Just feel at times, the nurses and dctrs are too positive and it’s those that have been thru it know what it’s like each time. Hope everyone is doing well and thank you as always for being there for me!!!

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You are doing everything thing possible to mitigate side effects. Recording onset hours after infusion and using prescription meds ahead of onset is the best measure you can take. 

My side effects were not cumulative. Nausea remained at the same intensity as did joint pain. I hope your husband’s experience parallels mine. 

Stay the course. 


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Hey Moonbeam-

Thanks for checking in & giving the update.  I’m glad things are going well so far.  You made me smile with the buzz cut!  About fifteen years ago my husband got tired of paying for haircuts so he went to Walmart & purchased a buzzer.  When we head to the clinic- most people think he’s the patient!  Anyway buzz cuts are still considered to be quite fashionable & your hubby might want to keep it post chemo as part of his new look!  

You are locked & loaded for whatever comes your way.  I admire your strength.  I hope you are  taking care of yourself too.  Stay strong!


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Hi, Moonbeam,

Thanks for checking in! We're glad to hear that treatment is going well! It's great that you're keeping track of things. We're glad that you're part of this community. If you ever need additional support or resources, please don't hesitate to reach out!

We are here for you,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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