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I'm getting HAIR!!!!!!


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Welcome back. Hope the trip was good. Such wonderful news about your hair. Didn't realize how much we could miss our hair, never really even gave it any thought. It sure does keep our heads warm, so it does have a purpose other than looking pretty... lol Your in my prayers always.



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Congrats on your baby fuzz!

Keep watering, place in sunshine and just watch it grow!

Here's to no wigs and no hats in the days of daffodils! (Can't WAIT for spring, so flippin' SICK of snow! - Snow IS a four-letter word, ya know?)


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You're right. It won't be long and it will be longer than you knew.

Losing my hair was the only time in the past 40 years I was brave enough to experiment with short hair styles... mostly because I knew either they weren't going to last ( all fall out!), or else I figured what was the worst thing that could happen -- I'd have to cut it all off and be without significant hair for a while? :lol:


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