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Hello And God Bless All


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I have a friend that had lung cancer and someone told him about Alimta, Do anyone have any information about this drug and the cost. It can not cost that much does it?  Thank you Ana

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Alimta is a chemotherapy drug--it's something that has to be specifically prescribed by an oncologist.  It isn't appropriate for all kinds of lung cancers, just for some.  

There are no inexpensive cancer drugs that I know of--how expensive they are for the individual depends on what kind of insurance they have.  Sometimes when patients cannot afford drugs the manufacturer will help with the cost; in other cases, the patient might be eligible for Medicaid or charity care.  

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Alimta is usually administered with another chemo drug & potentially an immunotherapy like Keytruda.  I had Carboplatin/Alimta/Keytruda.  As LexieCat says the oncologist will make the recommendation as there has been significant advances in lung cancer treatment in the last two years.  The treatment is tailored to the individual to produce the best outcome.   The best news is there is no longer a one size fits all approach to lung cancer.  

The social workers at the cancer center will understand how the reimbursement can work. 

Best wishes & prayers for your friend.  


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Thank you both so much for your time and concern. I am just trying to help a friend that is still in a bit of denial about their situation. I don't know anything about it I google it and that come up and I saw the price and was like OMG there is no way they can come up with that type of money constantly. thank you again and God bless you both.

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