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Hospice...when do I know its time to call them?

Guest daddysgirl

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Guest daddysgirl

Thanks to the responses that I got to the last post...the more I thought about it, I should have asked this also. I was thinking that maybe someone from Hospice could help us speak to my dad. Of course we dont want to ever deal with something like this but in talking to my mom again today, its seems like she would like to know his wishes but is scared to bring it up (just like me with moving up the wedding). He is already negative, we dont want to make him worse. I was thinking that I could call them and have them stop by (without saying that we called them) and maybe we could get things out in the open and they could help my dad understand what he is going through. Hospice could maybe help us with our communication too, correct?

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Hmmm...tough one there.... Sounds like your dad is a tough ol' coot - not sure you want to "ambush" him like that. Maybe you should call Hospice and get their opinion of your situation...and maybe arrange for MOM to talk to them in earshot of Dad...

...as for moving up the wedding - call it "excitement". I moved my first wedding up eight months from our original date "just 'cuz"...nothing going on in the family, just a "why not?".

To me, it sounds like Dad is having a tough time with "acceptance". As soon as he gets used to the fact that he has LC, things should change. It's a real bite in the 'nads (hubby's phrase) to find out you have cancer, knocks ya to the ground in many ways. Help him up, dust him off, and form a game plan. Give him some "me" time where he growls that he doesn't want anyone else involved in it, THEN, when he's done proving his manliness, let him know that everyone IS involved and that it's a fight best faced together...

Good luck, my life is full of ornery ol' coots and I can DEFINITELY hear where you're coming from!


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