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CT scan results


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So my CT scan results showed that my nodules had not grown since my scan two months ago.

This helps confirm that the group of nodules in my lower right lobe seem to be slow growing. Continuing to wait for possible treatment around the corner.

Will keep you posted!


Be well all!!



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Hi LexieCat,

Unfortunately, they are definitely a recurrence but slow growing. It would be nice if they stayed stable for awhile. One can hope, right?

I'll know in a few months if I will be in a Phase IB clinical trial..

Currently the only KRAS trials are all Phase I.. She said some data should come out of those trials over the summer. 

Thanks for your response. I appreciate it!



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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the clinical trial info. I believe there are a few Phase I trials for KRAS that will have some data by this summer.

They are only Phase I trials, but hopefully there will be some positive results. At this point, we are waiting to see if I'll be in 

a Phase Ib clinical trial...should hear beginning to mid-April about that. I'll update as I find out. 

Take care,



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