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Scooter Update


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Are you all getting tired of hearing about this? Well *I'M* getting tired of talking about it!

Anyway, got ahold of the main man running this so called operation. The scooter is coming from the manufacturer in Pennsylvania (Golden Technologies). He called them and called me back. It should arrive at the VA today or tomorrow. The "turn around" is just a day or so. So I should have that thing by the end of this week or the very first of next.

I have to admit there are folks at the VA who are working their tails off to get this done. Some of them are just as frustrated as I am with the syestem, from being denied at first to taking so long to get the thing since I was approved. So it isn't the individual people that's the problem here, it's the system itself.


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I'm really glad you're getting your ride, and I'm actually really glad to hear that there are folks at the VA working hard to help you obtain this scooter. It's what they're supposed to be doing, and it's just sad that they are the exception rather than the rule. At any rate I hope that we'll get a new picture of you and your wheels by this weekend. :)

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Hi Dean,

Great news about the scooter!!!. I teach at Catholic girls school and we begin each class with a prayer that includes “special intentions” where we pray for individuals in need and things like world peace. Anyhow I have had a total of 115 schoolgirls in 5 classes praying for you each day for the last week. Don’t know if you felt the vibes but we are all pulling for you.

God Bless,


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Once you get that darned scooter, I think you should put some of those sticker "bullet holes" on it, especially given your military history. I hope you know what I'm talking about - I've read that gang members use the stickers to make people THINK they've been shot at. I didn't know they really existed until I saw some on T-Bone's sons' four-wheeler. Maybe they've got some extras they can mail your way . . .

Here's hoping you'll be mobile soon!


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