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Zykadia drug


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My father was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma with brain metastasis and has been recommended to receive this new drug Zykadia.  He is 73 and doesn’t want to be so sick from the side effects that may occur with it.  Has anyone ever taken this drug and if you have how have the side effects been?  He wants to try to fight this but wants whatever time he has left not to be sick and bed ridden.  

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Hi there- 

This is a “nib” drug for ALK Positive Lung Cancer.  I’m assuming your Dad had molecular testing?  If so this is part of a drug class known as TKIs.  They act as inhibitors to stop the cancer mutation.  

The ALK standard of care by the NCCN is for Alectinib (Alecensa) as the initial treatment option. The first question I would have is why Zykadia is the first choice?  

The side effects from this drug class are really minimal all things considered.  Typically fatigue,  weight gain & edema.  The TKIs are well tolerated.  Compared to traditional chemo it’s much easier with a high quality of life. 

I’m an ALKie doing very well on Alectinib 16 weeks into treatment.  

Let me know if you want additional information.

Happy to help. 



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