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Trial Drugs?

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My wife used Iressa for about six months, and it held the cancer stable for several months. She started it in July, and then had stable scans from then until December, when two new spots were found. It can definitely work; often there is shrinkage of tumors and often there is stability which is a victory in itself. I think there have been people on it for a couple of years and had stable tumors that whole time. And as quickly as medicine is advancing, just hanging around a few months stable can really be a huge thing. Also, the side effects are relatively mild. There is a rash associated with it; Becky got that, but using Aveeno and a lotion called something like Udder Care. We got that from Walmart and it was spotted like a cow. We waited until the rash got worse to get the lotion and would recommend starting with it right away. But compared to the fatigue, nausea, and hair loss of chemo and radiation, Iressa was a breeze.

Hope that answers some of your questions anyway. I am sure more people will weigh in.


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Iressa does not work for everyone but when it works, the stuff works. My husband has been on it almost a year. He had some initial shrinkage and has held stable his last two CT scans. He has a PET scheduled in March. Our oncologist told us it would hold the cancer back for awhile but eventually the cancer would find a way around it and begin to grow again. Statistics I've seen say it works 20% of the time and about 14% of the individuals on it have shrinkage. Nice to be in the minority.

All the best to you~

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My husband just started his second month on Iressa. Don't know if it is helping yet or not. Go back to onc. the beginning of March and have to take scans with us.

As of Monday, the doctor said Earl's color looked good and the liver did not seem swollen and it didn't hurt him to push on it.

He has just started the rash on his index finger and on the tip of his nose. Diarhea is interesting but mostly controllable. Nausea is infrequent and easily taken care of with crackers or meds.

Is it worth it, you bet. May just work and that is nothing but good news. And as someone said, every day that passes allows some researcher in a lab to yell, EUREKA.


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