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PET Scan after rad/chemo treatments & Imfinzi


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Radiologist said 3-4 months after last radiation because of inflammation, oncologist has scheduled for 4/4 which is only 6 weeks. She wants to get me started on Imfinzi on 4/11. The chest X-ray I had this week because of coughing showed nothing new-thank God and the original tumor shrunk by at least half, oncologist said probably more. Won’t the inflammation distort the scan?  It’s still over 2weeks away and I’m getting nervous already. I’m also going back to work the 25th of this month (yay-I’ve had enough boredom) and nervous about the Imfinzi side effects.  Any knowledge or helpful hints greatly appreciated. 

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Will inflammation distort the scan?  If the scan is a PET scan, yes; if a CT scan, maybe but likely not.  Six weeks after completion of conventional radiation is about normal, my experience, for a post treatment CT scan.  I've never heard of a 3 to 4 month wait for a post treatment scan following any treatment.  That time period seems excessive in my experience.

Good news about the X-ray result and on tumor shrinkage.

Stay the course.


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Thanks Tom. That’s what I thought about the 6 weeks being normal. Either way, just need to get the next chapter started. Patience is not my strong suit and waiting for tests and results is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. I try to think that I can’t change the outcome so why worry but that is easier said than done. Your expertise is always appreciated. 

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