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Avastin side effects


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My mom was Dx with NSCLC in January 2018 with nets to the brain. Successful brain radiotherapy in 2/18. In 3/18 she had a life threatening reaction to Keytruda and once she recovered from that she started Carboplnten chemo (actually a combo). That was successful and she was switched to maintainence chemo 9/19. In 10/18 inflammation was discovered in her brain secondary to the original radiotherapy. She was started on Avastin which has been very successful but it leaves her with debilitating fatigue. Has anyone else experienced this side effect? She is in Florida until May and the neuroradioligist at Moffit claims fatigue is not a side effect of Avastin. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Sunshine145,

We're glad to hear that your mom is on an effective treatment, but we're sorry that the side effects have been so rough.

The causes of cancer-related fatigue are not fully understood. It may be the cancer and/or the cancer treatment. Here is an article from Moffitt Cancer Center with information and tips on cancer-related fatigue: https://moffitt.org/take-charge/take-charge-story-archive/cancer-related-fatigue/

And here are some additional tips from the oncology nutrition specialists at Savor Health: https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/blogs/voices-from-the-community/fighting-fatigue-during-cancer-treatment

We hope that you and your mom are doing well. Please post an update when you can!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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