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Memory Tote Bags


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I've made an "in memory" of tote bag. Just for me, right now. But I need to ask, those of you (us) who have lost a loved one and are still members here at LCSC, whose photo is on this message board or wall of memory, if you mind your loved one being in the collage?

e-mail me at katieb@lchelp.com and I will send you a picture of my tote bag for your review. If I get no objections on the photo usage, I will post it here for everyone to see and perhaps sell.

As a legal disclaimer, I have to say that all messages and photos posted here are of public domain, however, ALL personal information (your name, address, e-mail address, any identifying information is neither sold or used in anyway EVER without your permission)

If any of you whose loved ones' picture is on my tote object in any way, I will not display my bag or reproduce it in any way- EVER

P.S. There are just pics, no names at all.

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I love the tote bags. I am sure that most people on here will. Let me know when I can order mine and how much I need to send you.

You have done Randy such an honor by including him on these very neat totes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this.

All my thanks and love,


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Dear Katie,


But, wouldn't it be great to have a banner made up and put at the Arbor Days Festival? Maybe we could take the pictures and put them on a long piece of material, either tape them or pin them. Just a thought. Love the pictures! You done REAL GOOD GIRL!!

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Thanks guys. So far- this is the only one I've made and now with your approval ( and once those supplies come in I've ordered) I'll make them along with the other items and put them up on this website.

Connie- I will probably have to make a banner for the booth myself. Good idea about how to use the pics in the banner-- I don't think I'll have the money for everything and if there is anything I can do myself, make myself or beg for :wink: I will do it.

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