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Suzanne Gibb

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Hello everyone,

I have been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and I have just completed my first cycle (3 days) of Cisplatin and Etoposide. I am not suffering any nausea just an out of sorts kind of feeling which I find disconcerting but my floors are washed and the house is tidy., The doctor said to stay active. I was told on Friday that I will have 15 radiation treatments (weekends off) and this news has kept me awake. Has anyone gone through this amount of radiation. Is this a large amount of radiation or standard treatment. Side effects? Thanks for reading. Suzanne

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Good morning Suzanne and welcome. I’m sorry for your diagnosis but really glad you found this place. 

My experience with radiation wasn’t bad at all with the exception of extreme fatigue the last couple of weeks. I did 30 treatments Monday through Friday and it didn’t bother me until about three weeks in. I remember feeling like I couldn’t walk into the treatment center that last week. My suggestion is rest when your tired and get up and walk when you can. I didn’t have any type of skin problems from my radiation but some have. 

Im glad you found us and I know others will be here to help. 

Take Care


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Good news about the lack of side effects from your chemo! Let's hope your remaining infusions are trouble free also.

You asked about the number of your scheduled radiation treatments: is 15 abnormal? No -- you are receiving what is called first line standard of care for SCLC.  Radiation is the primary treatment method.  It destroys the tumor (s).  Chemotherapy is the adjuvant (secondary) treatment and its purpose is to destroy cancer cells that may (or may not) be in your blood stream.

Your radiation is also called external beam radiation therapy (EBRT).  It is given in fractional (daily) doses to the same area of the body and over the course of treatment; it is designed to disrupt the tumor's DNA and kill the cancer cells.  The number of fractions varies from person-to-person, from the number and location of tumors, and by the type of lung cancer being treated.  Fifteen is not abnormal. 

House cleaning! Wow, that is an impressive way to keep active.  Do you commute to Texas? 😘

Welcome here.  You'll find this is a good place to ask questions.

Stay the course.


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Thanks so much for your responses. I learned so much. I did not know that the about radiation and small cell so that makes me feel so much better. (Just to have the info) It is in my books but it doesn't really hit home until someone has gone through it. I am doing chemo at the same time for three of the days and am aware that chemo may make me nausea later on  but I am trying to take one day at a time and not go crazy worrying. I am sorry Tom that I do not come to Texas, I am in Ontario but I would just because I feel so much calmer after reading what you say. I have been on this website since February but I must have entered this topic with a new kind of letter. Thanks again both of you. Suzanne


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