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LUNGevity Drives Change in the Lives of People Diagnosed with Lung Cancer


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LUNGevity Foundation, the nation’s leading lung cancer-focused nonprofit, today released a report showcasing its impact on the rapidly advancing field of lung cancer research and patient care. The report demonstrates the impact of LUNGevity on improving outcomes for lung cancer patients through a better understanding of diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life as well as through driving research and policy reforms. More people are now living well with lung cancer than ever before.

The report shows the advancements in the Foundation’s research program, patient services, major initiatives, fundraising achievements, marketing reach, and more, and how these accomplishments help drive progress in all areas of the lung cancer field. Issuing this report celebrates breakthroughs in the field of lung cancer while encouraging people to join the organization to fund impactful research, advocate for change, create tools and resources for support and education, and fundraise for progress.

“We hope that seeing the impact that patient advocacy can have on the lung cancer patient community will inspire others to see the difference they can make, too,” Andrea Ferris, President and CEO of LUNGevity, said. “As the nation’s largest and most trusted lung cancer nonprofit, we encourage others to join us in our work. I’m proud of the work that LUNGevity is doing to improve outcomes for people diagnosed with lung cancer and I applaud all on our team, and all of our constituents, who are making change happen. We have the greatest impact when we work together.”

LUNGevity is dedicated to fostering an increasingly active lung cancer community—more empowered patients, more long-term survivors, and more living well with lung cancer. Read the full press release.

View the 2010-2018 LUNGevity Impact Report.


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