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Hi! My name is Renee and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 nsclc in August 2017. I'm glad to have found this site as I've already gained information and read many inspiring stories. I was originally given a very poor prognosis...months to live. It has now been over a year and a half and I've been cancer free for about 8 months now. I feel as if I'm lucky because, as my friend Michelle says, I'm a mutant. I expressed a high level of PDL-1 and was almost immediately put on Keytruda. To me this is a wonder drug. I've thankfully had no side effects, other than some tiredness, and my response has been good. I live in Kansas City and feel that I have doctors I can literally trust with my life. I'm a huge dog fan, and have four of my own. I'm married with no children, but numerous nephews and nieces. I just recently returned from Washington D.C. where I was a "lung force hero" representing Kansas as the American Lung Association advocated with congresspeople to increase funding for NIH, and to ensure that reasonable insurance with protections for pre-existing conditions remain in place. I had a bad experience with the sleazy insurance policy I had when first diagnosed, and I've benefited from all of the research and trials that led to treatment of lung cancer patients with Keytruda. Some of the ALA people said I was a poster child for advocacy day. I came home with some new friends, and lots of good memories. I hope to be an active participant on this forum, and hope to be able to share and learn much from others. Thank you for letting me be a member!

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Hooray Renee!  Thanks for advocating with our lawmakers and thanks for being a thriving cancer warrior!  Glad to hear Keytruda has kept your lung cancer at bay, it has helped so many people, including my mom.  Happy you have found us!

Take Care,


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