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Hi, my name is Jan. I'm 56 yrs old today!  I was diagnosed early Jan 2019 with the "A" word (spell) stage 3 1B.  All new to this.  I have 16 radiation treatment under my belt and started first chemo last Tues. (Once s week).I. Here to learn and maybe not feel like an alien on an island of healthy people!   

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Hello Jan,  glad you found us.

I was younger than you when I was diagnosed, I was just 50 years old.  I was stage 3B.

I started with daily radiation on week days for 6 weeks and also chemo's. 

On my scan after that they saw it had shrunk so they decided they would do surgery with more chemo after.

I pray respond well to the treatment.  It was hard for me !   The good part is this summer I will turn 72 !  

Treatments today are so much more and varied than years ago.

Please keep us updated on how you are and don't  fear  to ask questions.

Donna G

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Hello Jan and welcome to a situation none of want to be in. The good thing is once you get to reading and getting questions answered you’ll feel a lot better.  

I was diagnosed Feb 2018 nsclc stage 3b and told surgery was not an option because it involved lymph nodes. I was given a cocktail Chemo and radiation which did the job. It killed the cancer in the lymph nodes and shrunk the tumor to 1cm and I was able to have a lobectomy of my upper left lung in Oct. 

i have been NED or cancer free since October. It wasn’t easy but it worked. 

Again like I said this is a great group to get answers from. 

Let us know how your doing and know your not alone. 


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Hi, Jan, 

Welcome from me, too.  I assume the "A" word is adenocarcinoma.  That's one of the more well-understood types of lung cancer, so you could have a lot of treatment options.  Has your tumor been tested for biomarkers?  That can indicate whether there are specific kinds of treatments (immunotherapy, targeted therapy) that can work.  And, as Lisa said, sometimes the tumor can be reduced enough so surgery is possible--which is generally the best treatment option.  

Glad you found us--this is a great place for information and support.

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Hi Jan,

How are things going?  It's been a few weeks since you'r birthday (happy birthday btw!)  I hope things are going well.  Give us an update when you feel up to it!


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