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Jumping on the Scan Time wagon


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I had my third, 3-month CT scan on Friday.  I always meet with my radiation oncologist soon afterwards (like 20-30min after the scan) and he tells me what HE sees on the scan.  Then if he doesn't call me afterwards, then the radiologist did not find anything either.  I was rather cautiously excited on Friday as my rad onc said my left lung (my only lung I have) looks clear and we can now go every 6 month interval. 

Then he called me 2-3 hours later.  He said the radiologist's report basically said what he told me - so I was puzzled why he called me, then he continued that the report did mention that there is a 3 mm (I can't remember if he said "nodule" or "something", honestly I think I was doing la-la-la in my head) "of unknown clinical significance".  He said he's still comfortable with 6 month scan and that we'd watch it, but I shouldn't worry.

Well, I'm worried.  None of my friends would understand any of this... that dang black cloud that hangs around and now and then just rains on you.


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3mm is minuscule.  At that size, it could have been there all along and missed by previous scans (which have "slices" that make up the images).  I have nodules that appear and disappear on different scans.  My doc isn't worried about them.  We just keep an eye on them.  The majority of nodules are harmless.  

Trust me, easier said than done, this not worrying.  I'd probably be worried, too, if I were you.  But there's a very good chance it's nothing to worry about.

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Yes finding “unknown clinical significance” haunted me. I’ve had results that were both significant and insignificant and the dwell time waiting for the next scan turned into an eternity. 

But, don’t do what I did wasting away NED time fretting. Go outside and play. Go on vacation. Do something. 

Stay the course. 


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Hi Tom,

OMG, I was reading your comment fine until "Do something" when I had a flashback of my father - who was in the army for 30 years and yes, he went to Vietnam War - who couldn't stand any form/shape of laziness.  Anyway, I felt compelled to get down and start doing some push ups (I should add I'm at work 🤣) just to respond to your "Do Something" .

Okay, that odd moment over...  Thank you, Tom, as always. I was JUST thinking last night exactly what you said - I thought, dang this waiting for the next scan in 6 months is going to feel like an eternity!!!  I know you and LexieCat are absolutely right - even *I* know I shouldn't worry.  Now if I can execute what I know.  Hmmm.  

No fretting! No worrying! Do something!  Got it! 👍


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Hey MB-

Happy to have you on the scan train with us this week.  this is probably a nothingburger. My Mom has two 4mm lung nodules that have been watched for something like two years now.  No one seems worried about them she gets PET scans every six months to monitor her NED status from endometrial cancer a few years back.    

Get out there and do anything- no matter how ridiculous it may look. 😂.  We get it! 


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