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Survived Pre-Op Now On To The Surgery


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Hi folks.  Well, I spent half a day yesterday getting all my pre-op testing and exams in preparation for my surgery this Thursday.  I have to assume that this hospital is really quite good at what they do as I don't ever recall having such a thorough exam done as well as meetings with Anesthesiology and Surgical Team.  I did get a gift from them...a red bracelet I have to wear from now through the surgery with all my blood typing data on it.

Today I spent my day taking care of some outstanding things that could probably wait, but will keep me from dwelling on the surgery.  Since they want me at the hospital at 5am tomorrow (surgery at 8am) I won't have a lot of time to dwell on anything.  I took Curt's advice and asked for a Germ DNA test, but they said they don't do that at this point, but an oncologist may order one later on the sample taken.  Again, this is listed as a wedge biopsy, but I've already been told that since my nodule has grown from Jan. to Mar. that there is only a 10% chance of it being benign.  So, it sounds like a lower-right lobectomy. 

I've been reading so many of your messages and I cannot tell you how they've helped to keep me from going over the edge during the past few weeks.  I'll get an update out once I'm able.  Funny, my anxiety was so high yesterday and as I'm getting ready to sleep before surgery it's all gone.  Not sure why, maybe I'm just glad to get this over with. 

Thanks again to all for the great support and I'll keep you in my prayers and send out good thoughts.


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Hi Lou-

You had quite a day yesterday.  It must of been exhausting on some level so you had no energy to be anxious.  It’s great to have Curt as a surgery buddy- he’s given you some great advice. 

You might also want to ask the hospital what type of programs they have to support your recovery.   While my cancer was too advanced for surgery I worked really hard to get my oxygen levels up through Tai Chi and restorative yoga.  It’s all that BREATHING you do plus manages anxiety too.  (In KC it’s a free service). 

We’re all here for you as part of the recovery. 


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