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Second Annual ALK Conference in Atlanta & T-Shirt Fundraiser

Rower Michelle

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Posting in this forum as well as the ALK- 

To All My ALK Family that are not on Facebook:


My peer mentor is on Facebook and keeps me informed of all the ALK initiatives.  In the above link, is the registration for the second annual ALK FUN Summit in Atlanta from August 2-4th in Atlanta.  It's a free conference that I wanted to ensure you all had an opportunity to participate.  (All ALKs and caregivers are welcome). 

If you are unable to attend, please considering ordering your ALKWEAR- THERE ARE ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT TO ORDER. 


So far, there's almost 40 people registered!  I hope to be able to meet some of my fellow ALKs!  Please come or buy some ALKWEAR. 


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