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NYC- Advocacy Opportunity Updated 5/10/19

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Dear Katie,

My employer, the Henne Group, is a research organization that finds participants for various health services studies. We are partnering with Avalere Health, a healthcare consulting firm, to run a focus group with patients with lung cancer. The purpose of the discussion is to evaluate some educational materials on lung cancer.

To summarize, this is a 2-hour discussion for people diagnosed with Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. It is taking place on Thursday, June 6th in NYC and we are offering an incentive of $150.


Thank you,


Janelle Commins

Project Assistant

The Henne Group

425 2nd St. Suite 400

San Francisco CA 94107

d    415.348.2931

t     415.348.1700

f     415.348.1770





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Hey all in NYC, 

Back in the day of my career, I did some work with Avalere; used to hang out with their sales team at trade shows.  They were super nice people to work with so if you've got the time, I'd encourage you to participate.  


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